Black Rose Moves - Summer Of Sorrow 

Release Date: 7th June 2024

'Summer Of Sorrow' is the debut single from exciting new Birmingham based duo Black Rose Moves and it is an absolute signal of intent, a warning shot for the rest of the music world if you will. The track perfectly captures the bristling discontent in the UK right now as we head from a bleak winter into a disappointing summer with only General Election memes to look forward to. Brooding bass notes and scratchy guitars do battle with the thudding drums to create a gothic-pop vibe which is irresistible. The deep and menacing vocals sound like Johnny Cash if he'd grown up in Manchester in the 80s but with enough performativity to suggest that live performances will be electric and full of chaotic energy. An important song from a band that will, surely, achieve a level of importance themselves. Bravo. 

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