The Nick Gladdish Band - Sinking Ship 

Release Date: 10th February 2024

Adopted Geordie Nick Gladdish returns with new single 'Sinking Ship', a song which has an energy juxtaposed brilliantly with the title. A driving, peppy beat mixes with indie guitars and a bouncing bass line make for an intoxicating experience that feels like you're racing through the city at night until the middle eight when everything goes spacey and Gladdish's vocals drift up in to the ether with an almost chorister-like sound. A genuinely surprising song with twists and turns in places you wouldn't expect. 

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Live Dates: 

NE Volume Music Bar, STOCKTON, Thurs 15th Feb 2024

Half Moon Inn, LONDON, Mon 19th Feb 2024

Bobiks, NEWCASTLE, Thurs 22nd Feb 2024

The B-Bar, PLYMOUTH, Thurs 11th April 2024