The Irrepressibles - Self Love 

Release Date: Out Now

Ugh, well this just stopped me in my tracks. 'Self Love' is the latest release from solo project The Irrepressibles and it is just stunning in its simple beauty. Rambling piano notes play in a room down at the end of a long, empty corridor while an accordion wheezes in the corner while whispered vocals do their best to soothe a soul in its last moments of burning dimly. If you're looking for a vibe, imagine Jack Johnson going to spend a month with the Arcade Fire and writing this as a thank you note before kayaking home. Dark and lonely but somehow uplifting and utterly beautiful. 

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3 October - Manchester - Stoller Hall, Manchester9 October - St Marks, Edinburgh11 October - Bristol, The Mount Without12 October - Oxford - St Barnabas13 October - London - St Lukes14 October - Worthing - The Venue15 October - Coventry - The Tin