Maimuna Memon - Set This House On Fire 

Release Date: Out Now

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is possible to fall in love with a song and that can happen whether you know the artist or not, whether it has lyrics or not or whether the melody hits you or not. 'Set This House On Fire' is the new release from Blackburn's Maimuna Memon who blends her Irish and Pakistani heritage beautifully to create a song you can get lost in. Deftly picked acoustic notes are accompanied by a mournful cello to set the tone for Memon's vocal to dance upon playfully, using her voice to deliver a message but also as an instrument. As the chorus comes around, Memon leans in to the bass notes of her guitar to create a Laura Marling-esque rattle and it stirs your soul, lifts your spirit and strengthens your resolve. I love this song and I think you just might too. 

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