CLT DRP - Nothing Clever, Just Feelings (Venn 

Release Date: 8th September 2023

Brighton trio CLT DRP are ready to drop their second album with the withering title 'Nothing Clever, Just Feelings' and it looks like a bit of a beast so make yourself a strong cup of tea and let's dive in, shall we? The album begins with the unapologetically abrasive 'NEW BOY' which clatters and grinds like a lap dance from a rusty robot that occasionally malfunctions in a spectacular shower of sparks and molten metal shards. The title track, 'Nothing Clever, Just Feelings', is a combination of dark mechanical melodies and throbbing, underground club beats that could drive you insane if they weren't so hypnotically euphoric. 

On 'I See My Body Through You', the three piece take a more moody approach before exploding with some seriously heavy guitars and menacing vocals. 'Desire / 1 on 1' blends 90s techno with computer game music from the same era and the attitude of Pussy Riot before 'M.U.T.M.' goes all minimalist on us with a rack that builds from sktetchy, Soulwax inspired beats in a Mike Pickering-esque club banger. The mechanical purr of the guitars on 'Only One' pair with the breathy vocals to make something that sounds like liquid sex oozing out of every pore while 'Daily Affirmations' sounds like a Catholic choir smoking fags and fingering each other between performances. 

The relatively pithy 'The Door' is a comparatively light and bubbly track that sounds like Lemon Jelly and Goose noodling around in a farm house for a weekend on a bunch of mushrooms. This leaves us with just two tracks to enjoy, the first of which is 'Easier Than This' - a chugging and slow moving rock monster in the first instance which soon finds its wings and soars beautifully. The album closes out on 'I Put My Baby To Sleep', a track that couldn't sound less like a lullaby if the only only lyrics were "STAY AWAKE STAY AWAKE STAY AWAKE" delivered in a strong German accent. This album won't be for everyone but it isn't meant for everyone and, frankly, not everyone deserves it. This album is, however, utterly brilliant, unique, challenging and it holds your attention with every twist, turn, grind and churn. 

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08.09.23 - Brighton,  Green Door Store (album release show)15.09.23 - Plovdiv, BG - Wrong Fest12.10.23 - Manchester, Beyond The Music 02.11.23 - Leeds, Oporto (w/ Tokky Horror)03.11.23 - Glasgow, Hug & Pint (w/ Man On Man / TGW pre-party)23.11.23 - Southampton, Joiners24.11.23 - Bristol, Rough Trade29.11.23 - London, Lexington