Arny Margret - Dinner Alone EP (One Little 
Independent Records)

Release Date: 22nd September 2023

As we move (in the UK at least) from the end of summer in to early Autumn, the time is just perfect for Arny Margret to drop her sublime new EP, 'Dinner Alone'. Opening with the title track, the Icelandic singer-songwriter makes one of the most delicate and gently polite introductions to any collection of music with whisper-quiet music and melodies that sound like rain-drops on still green leaves. 'I Went Outside' follows with a more uptempo country twang not a million miles away from First Aid Kit but with a coolness and loneliness that speaks of someone looking in through a window they've never looked out of. 

On 'Two Scars' Arny Margret takes us on a lazily meandering journey through the woodlands of her mind, noticing each leaf turning brown and every squirrel collecting just one more nut. The final track on this collection is 'Waiting' and I should point out at this stage that Arny Margret has a voice you can just disappear in like a warm bubble bath or a good book on a rainy afternoon - perfectly displayed on this closing number. If you like your music folky and as delicately unique as a snowflake then Arny Margret is the one for you - the only one. 

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Live Dates: 

16th Sept - Netherlands - 7 Layers Festival
2nd-4th Nov - Iceland - Iceland Airwaves
17th Nov - France - Le Festival Les BorĂ©ales