VenusRaps - Superstar EP (RDK Records) 

Release Date: Out Now

VenusRaps is the stage name of Vanessa Ndlovu, a South African artist who is starting to make significant ripples on the international scene. The Superstar EP kicks off with 'Mshine' which has an infectiously upbeat energy full of deep beats, an upliftingly energetic vocal performance and a hint at some strong 90s influences. 'Sneaky Link' follows on next with a slinky melody that is all about those sundowner sessions as the fires light up and the melodies swirl in the smoke heading up to the stars. 

On 'Dese' those Afrobeat rhythms are front and centre while VenusRaps and guests AirDee and Buzzi Lee set about a game of lyrical hopscotch, jumping over each beat with perfect timing. The EP closes out with 'Personal Space' which has a darker and more menacing energy than the other tracks and so demands your best night time cruising speed down  your favourite neon-lit strip. Uplifting, sharp and fresh tunes from an exciting artist - what more could you ask for?

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