Tina Boonstra - Circle Back, Start Again (7Core

Release Date: Out Now

I've been waiting on this album for a while but then I sat on it for a while because it was so good and now I think it's only fair that I share it with you good people. For the uninitiated, Tina Boonstra grew up in Liverpool but is now based in London where she has honed her song crafting skills to devastating effect, culminating in this album full of brilliant songs. We start with 'Martha', a song about surviving in a crazy world set to a steady strum and subdued beat that gives this a First Aid Kit vibe as Boonstra tells her tale of friendship through adversity. 'If I Could' shows off a more indie-rock sound with a buzzy bass line juxtaposing brilliantly with the softness of the vocals which erupt with power and emotion in the chorus. The opening trio of songs is completed by 'Can People Ever Really Change?' which is an uplifting story about trying to make a fresh start but not being able to shake the memories of the past. It's a very strong start. 

The soft shoe shuffle of 'No Place To Go' is one to get lost in on a grey day before title track 'Circle Back, Start Again' shows the power that can come from embracing your vulnerability in a song that builds to a triumphant climax to life your spirits and stir your soul. I think my favourite track on the album is 'Grace Riley' which tells the story of someone who disappears without anyone really noticing but it's set to such dreamy guitar melodies that it's hard not to fall in to a reverie until the almost shouted chorus plea of "People don't just no people don't just disappear" shakes you back to reality. 

'Why Do Good Times Fly?' has a gentle indie-rock vibe in the style of KT Tunstall while 'Do What We Can' has a really infectious bounce to it that reminds me of William the Conqueror and is definitely one for the walking playlist. Boonstra's real talent lies in telling stories coupled with a raw, emotive and infectious melodies such as 'Proof of Life' which has a stomping beat and soaring melody while delivers her lyrics with rapid fire vocals. 'Call Me Thomas' has a Country twang to it that nods to First Aid Kit again before penultimate track 'No Time To Wait' kicks in hard with some Frank Turner energy and a rousing strum that Springsteen would be proud of. The album comes to a close on 'My Little Love', a track that is as sweet and heartfelt as it is honest and raw which is the perfect end to a record that runs the full gamut of emotions. When people come out with ridiculous statements about there not being any good new music around (I'm looking at you Chris Moyles) I find myself shaking my head and smiling because I know about the brilliance of artists like Tina Boonstra and now you do too. Lucky you. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/tinaboonstra