The Busketeers - The Busketeers 

Release Date: 19th May 2023

The last 12 months have been a big year for Plymouth multi-instrumentalists the Busketeers who have come out of their covers-band cocoon to stretch their wings with a flourish and show off their colours as song writers in their own right. It was always there in their locker but there is no holding them back now and this album shows off their writing skills with aplomb. The first of the eight tracks on this collection is 'Hard Days' which starts with a folksy, blues guitar twang that makes me want to get the hell out of dodge on a road trip and when the lead guitar kicks in I want to throw the map out of the window. We're off and running. 'Steam' continues the road tripping vibe but with a little more urgency and the vocal harmonies layer up to give this a real warmth and richness of tone that will make even the most cynical listener sit up and pay attention. 

There's a soft country twang to 'Flesh and Bones' as it rattles along with a shuffling beat and soft guitars which ease the flow of the melody under the heartfelt vocals. There's a shift in pace on 'Start Livin'', a track that wouldn't sound out of place on a Jack Johnson set with its lilting rhythm and message to get on with enjoying life because tomorrow might never came. Latest single 'Ghost in the Wild' takes us back to the late 60s with a lazily undulating riff that is redolent of the Eagles but with the English edge of the Kinks and a gnarly little guitar solo just to keep things spicy. The Red Hot Chili Peppers inspired opening riff of 'Stick On Ice' just shows the quartet's versatility and good luck trying to work out who is playing which instrument at which time - it's anyone's guess. 

A favourite in the live set, 'Arrows' has been around for a while but still sounds just as fresh and uplifting as the first time I heard it so I can't help but sing along with the chorus lyric, "I go my, you follow the arrows and I say I go my way but you go home". The album closes out with 'Like A Kite' which has a gorgeous end-of-summer folky vibe that is hard to resist and, honestly, I don't see why you'd even try to resist a song this pure and honest. I don't think these guys will ever turn their back on the day job but where most artists have an actual day job to fall back on in a soul destroying office at least these guys are good enough to play music for the rest of their lives whether it's theirs or someone elses. Personally, I think their own stuff stands shoulder to shoulder with any other original material out there so come on in and join the party. 

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Live Dates: 

13th May - The Ship, Plymouth

19th May - Album Launch @ The Roundabout, Plymouth

20th May - The Boathouse, Plymouth

21st May - Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth

26th May - TBC, Teignmouth

28th May - Lechlade Festival, Lechlade

11th June - Smugglers Den Inn, Newquay

18th June - Calstock Social Club, Plymouth

9th July - Eliot Arms, Saltash (afternoon)

9th July - Bread & Roses, Plymouth (evening)

22nd July - Folifest, Plymouth

30th July - Rock Oyster Festival, Wadebridge

6th August - Trevallick's Farm Shop, Liskeard

9th-13th August - Boardmaster's Festival, Newquay

25th August - Tunes in the Park, Port Eliot

27th August - Wilcove Inn, Torpoint

13th October - Inn on the Shore, Downderry