Lambrini Girls - You're Welcome EP (Big Scary 

Release Date: 19th May 2023

Everyone's favourite Brighton punk-pop agitators Lambrini Girls are about to drop their debut EP, 'You're Welcome', and it's a bit of a trip so strap yourself in and hang on tight. The first of these six tracks is 'Boys In The Band' which is two and a half minutes of unbridled, unrelenting and unabashed garage-punk fun with preaching vocals like a call to arms for all female musicians out there. 'Terf Wars' maintains the pace with rattling drums, pinging guitars and a bass line all trying to keep up with and in time with each other. 'Mr Lovebomb' completes the opening trio and the tempo is reliably breakneck as the bass line throbs like a finely tuned motorbike being pushed to its limits by a leather clad Russ Meyer reject swigging Lambrini and smoking Sovereign Black. 

Recent single 'Lads Lads Lads' has strong Motorhead vibes with a riff that won't quit until your ears are bleeding through your nose before 'Help Me I'm Gay' pushes the onslaught on to the next level to see if they can get your eyeballs to cave in through sheer sonic awesomeness. The EP comes to a brilliantly chaotic climax on 'White Van' which is a veritable prog rock anthem at nearly six minutes long but still the intensity, anger, aggression and sense of injustice is still there for the duration and that's what I love about Lambrini Girls. They might not get invited to any Coronation Concerts any time soon but their honesty, commitment and energy has earned them an invite to play with Iggy Pop and that is worth a whole lot more in my book. 

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Live Dates: 

12/05/2023 - The Great Escape, Brighton - United Kingdom

19/05/2023 - Resident (Instore), Brighton - United Kingdom

20/05/2023 - Celebrate This Place @ Tramshed, Cardiff - United Kingdom

27/05/2023 - Levitation, Angers - France

31/05/2023 - The Lexington, London - United Kingdom

09/06/2023 - Aucard de Tours, Tours - France

13/06/2023 - Heartbreakers, Southampton - United Kingdom

14/06/2023 - Rough Trade, Bristol - United Kingdom

15/06/2023 - Yes basement, Manchester - United Kingdom

16/06/2023 - Hug & Pint, Glasgow - United Kingdom

17/06/2023 - Ferocious - Alternative Pride @ Old Woollen, Leeds - United Kingdom

18/06/2023 - Norwich Arts Center, Norwich - United Kingdom

01/07/2023 - Crystal Palace, London - with Iggy Pop - United Kingdom      

06/07/2023 - 2000trees Festival, Cheltenham - United Kingdom

16/07/2023 - Dour Festival, Dour - Belgium

21/07/2023 - Truck Festival, Steventon - United Kingdom

03/08/2023 - Rebellion Festival, Blackpool - United Kingdom

05/08/2023 - Absolutely Free Festival, Genk - Belgium

19/08/2023 - Cabaret Vert, Charleville Mezieres - France