Jamie Lenman - iknowyouknowiknow (Big 
Scary Monsters)

Release Date: Out Now

Not content with the output of his latest album and a tour on the go, the preposterously prolific Jamie Lenman has only gone and put out a new EP to prove that it isn’t always a binary choice between quality and quantity. The brilliantly titled ‘iknowyouknowiknow’ begins with ‘Words of Love’, a recent single, which a swooning and heartfelt song full of both bombast and raw emotion which is a neat trick to pull off in a single song. Latest single ‘Crazy Horse’ is a gentle acoustic strumalong dealing with the small matter of mortality and how big ol’ statues will outlive us all but it is strangely reassuring when delivered by Lenman’s oh-so-honest vocal.

‘Run Right Home’ sounds like an old Reuben demo or studio outtake as Lenman pours his heart out over a simple acoustic guitar strum that provides the energy dip in the middle of this collection. ‘The Last Supper’ picks us up by our bootstraps and to handle the end of a relationship when the spark has gone but that could be falling out of love with your partner, a favourite TV series or just a way of life. Things change, people move on, deal with it. The last track proper of this collection is the Frank Turner-esque ‘I Done Things I Ain’t Proud Of’ which finds our hero performing the musical confession set to a

country-blues twang and it is as cathartic as it is revealing. There is a bonus track of sorts with an acoustic version of ‘This Town Will Never Let Us Go’ from the aforementioned recent album which just goes to prove, as if t’were needed, that the quality of the songwriting stands up to being stripped down and that’s all we ever really wanted, wasn’t it? The only question left unanswered is when (not if) will Jamie Lenman get his recognition and will it be in his lifetime or not?

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jamielenman

Live Dates: 

10.05.23 - Milton Keynes - Craufurd Arms11.05.23 - Newcastle - The Cluny 217.05.23 - Bristol - The Fleece18.05.23 - Plymouth - The Junction19.05.23 - London - Powerhaus