Izo Fitzroy - A Good Woman (Jalapeno 

Release Date: Out Now

I'm still relatively new to the world of Izo Fitzroy but what a wonderful world it is!? So wonderful, in fact, that I may just stay a while and maybe invest in a little home away from home here for when things just get a bit much. Fitzroy's new album, the wonderfully named 'A Good Woman', is a tour de force taking us on a journey through genres, moods and soundscapes on a luxuriously decked out gondola so hop on board and let's see where the water takes us, shall we? 

'Hope Divine' is the opening track and between the clockwork percussion, bubbling bass line and smooth melodies instantly soothe your soul so that the vocals can start untangling your mind. 'Chasing Days' follows on with a 70s Californian vibe mixing jazz, Brazilian rhythms and some nimble piano work to create pure sunshine in a song. Recent single 'Keep Your Light On Me' has a more modern feel with rolling drums and Annie Lennox-esque vocals evoking some latter day Eurythmics sounds but this is still firmly a Fitzroy track. As is 'Call Me A Pilgrim' with its folky acoustic strum and fidgeting bass line keeping you guessing on the direction of travel. 

'Pilgrim - Interlude' is a minute of instrumental jazz noodling that leads us to the door of 'Somewhere Beyond The Wreckage' with its somber soul moods enveloping the listener and Fiztroy's rich, honest and earthy vocal putting an arm around your shoulder, letting you know everything is going to turn out just fine. If you heard 'Scram' on an album by label mates the Allergies you wouldn't be too surprised such is the Latin influence and itchy, infectious energy in the rhythms that go straight to your hips. Then Fitzory goes and outdoes Winehouse, Adele and Hozier on the dolefully soulful 'God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes' which is a vocal'n'piano masterpiece. 

The piano and choir comination of 'Released - Interlude' acts as a palate cleanser before the complex flavours of title track 'A Good Woman' which has soul, funk, jazz, a little Motown and a pure pop thread running right through the middle. The final interlude 'Sum of its Parts' is a pleasing ripple on a Spanish guitar with sprinkled piano notes that bring us gently to the fabulously Motown inspired 'Small Mercies' which has a punchy 80s rhythm section draped in the kind of vocals you just want to sink in to after a long, hard week. 

Penultimate track 'Give Me The High' has a rattling, unstoppable energy with a nod of approval from Marvin Gaye as Fitzroy powers through her vocal performance with consummate ease. The final song, 'Love & Affection', is a gentle and love struck slow dance of a song that gives you bedroom eyes as it leaves the floor and heads to the bar. There have been a number of outstanding albums released in 2023 and this is among the best of them so I would urge you to make some time for this album and let it in to your life. No shuffling, no skipping, just let the album be what it was designed to be; glorious. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/izofitzroymusic

Live Dates: 

3rd June - Brighton, The Old Market, The Jalapeno Bop