Billie Maree - Whale Eyes 

Release Date: Out Now

There aren't many things that are more stereotypically Totnes than an acoustic folk song inspired by a vision seen during meditation about visiting a whale's womb to discover a hidden part of ones self but when the music is this good I'm not sure I really care. 'Whale Eyes' is the new single from Totnesian singer songwriter Billie Maree and it is a sublimely tranquil slice of finger picked elegance that will have you drifting away to sun dappled glades with warm breezes flowing past you. Billie Maree has one of those voices that would work just as well on a chilled out dance track as it does on folk but when paired with the somber violin and delicate guitar work it just feels right. Lie back, close your eyes and enjoy this one - you won't regret it. 

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