Big Special - SHITHOUSE (SO Recordings) 

Release Date: Out Now

Flying in from the Black Country come the brilliantly blunt duo Big Special and their new single, 'SHITHOUSE'. If the name of the song offends you then I'd probably stop reading now because this not a delicate ode to the latrine. No, this is a song that rhymes it's title with "Mickey Mouse" and delivers those vocals with the swagger of Ian Dury and the clenched teeth of Joe Talbot. Throw in a bit of the Fall, some shuddering guitars and a video that feels as intense as it does personal and you've yourself the kind of song that will become a cult classic - largely because it will get zero radio play. 

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27th May - DOT TO DOT FEST, Bristol28th May - DOT TO DOT FEST, Nottingham9th June - The Castle, Bradninch, Devon10th June - CEREMONY FESTIVAL, Esquires, Bedford.8th July - 2000 TREES FEST, Cheltenham25th July - Village Underground (supporting Creep Show)

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