Arny Margret & Junius Meyvant - Spring (One 
Little Independent Records)

Release Date: Out Now

From the press photo, you'd think that this was one of those blind date couples where they had inexplicably paired up a publishing intern with a guy who lives off-grid with a stoat called Gary. Instead, this is a duet between Arny Margret and Junius Meyvant which has spawned the delicious new single 'Spring' which sways, lilts and meanders with minimal energy but a huge amount of tenderness and gentle love which pours out from the deftly played guitar notes and soft, sweetly sung vocals. This is the kind of song to just drift away on while the rest of the world turns outside your window and you can capture a little moment of sweet and sublime tranquility. 

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Arny Margret -

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11th May - UK, Brighton - The Great Escape30th June - FR, Clermont-Ferrand – Europavox