Scott Lavene - Waitrose Has Run Out Of 
Lobsters (Nothing Fancy Records)

Release Date: Out Now

The superbly peerless and wonderfully unique Scott Lavene returns with a new single and a sideways look at the world on 'Waitrose Has Run Out Of Lobsters'. Now, I make a point of not setting foot in Waitrose more than once a year because it feels like a cross between a waking morgue and a supermarket run by the Masons, so I feel like this is going to be right up my street without even hearing a note. A lazy beat and melody combination make me want to take a slow amble along the high street on a Saturday morning with Lavene singing in my ear, "The middle classes are marching in burgundy chinos". The laid back musicianship is disarming so the message sneaks in almost unnoticed which is as stark as it is hilariously ridiculous. It is also possibly the only song to mention chest freezers, lobsters and prosecco which puts it in a rare category. 

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Live Dates: 

8th March - The Prince Albert, Brighton