Sam Casey - More Songs About Weed And Toxic
Relationships EP

Release Date: Out Now

First things first, 'More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships' is about as honest a title for any collections of songs as you're likely to see in 2023 and I'm all about honesty right now so I'm already sold on this. Toronto's Sam Casey kicks off with recent single 'I'm Fucking Sam' which still sounds as fresh and full of confidence with the sketchy beats and staccato guitar melody. Moving on to 'Good Fight', there's a more club friendly vibe as the indie-pop melodies and radio-friendly beats mingle to make for the perfect cruising tune. 

Like her peers UPSAHL and Madison Beer, Casey has the ability to mix high quality pop melodies and production values with infectious hooks and lyrics that are more engaging that your standard pop banger. 'Shallow', for example, is a slinky alt-pop number on the surface but deals with issues of not clicking with with someone because they are image-obsessed when you want more out of life. The dark and ominous swagger of 'Stupid Bitch' is a the musical definition of 'having a word with yourself' in the mirror when you wake up covered in your own vomit and someone else's sweat the morning after another night before. 

On 'Give It Up' reminds me of X Ambassadors as Casey gets her late-night groove on, pouring her confessional stream of consciousness in to the microphone. The EP comes to a stop on 'Wiser Man' which has an unusual vibe that is part Carribean holiday and part paranoia trip in your local supermarket at 2.00pm on a Tuesday. Sam Casey is part of a movement of solo female artists finding their voices, using them and enjoying every second of it but she's definitely in the leading pack. 

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