Saint Levant - From Gaza, With Love EP 

Release Date: Out Now

Right, listen up folks. I don't say this lightly but the new EP from Saint Levant might be one of the most interesting and inventive releases of 2023 so I really want you to pay attention to this one, OK? 'From Gaza, With Love' is a seven track collection from a truly multi-cultural artist (born in Jerusalem, living in LA, parents from a combination of Algeria, France, Palestine and Serbia) and it will make you sit up straight. Opening with 'Tell Me I'm Dreaming', a scattering of neo-classical piano is matched by a slow R&B beat and a flow that switches between languages with flair and ease. 

The EP comes alive on the title track, 'From Gaza, With Love', which blends middle-eastern melodies and rhythms with Saint Levant's laid back flow starting in English and gliding in to French but you never, ever lose sight of the message - it is an intoxicating experience. 'Facetime' has a Drake-esque vibe taking on issues of love and family in English, French and Arabic as a guitar plays in a distant courtyard. There is a higher energy on 'November' which has a more clubby vibe but maintains that uber-cool poise that defines the whole EP. 

I think 'Between The Lines' is my favourite track on this collection partly because I am blown away by Saint Levant's ability to rap without breathing in but mainly because the hypnotic Latin guitar melody and Hip-Pop beat makes this the kind of song that could cross over cultural divisions brilliantly. Penultimate track 'Very Few Friends' is an ode to putting work and ambition before a social life as part of a relationship but set to those laid back licks and late night vibes which actually makes it incredibly sensual. The EP rounds off with 'See You Again' and finds Saint Levant in a reflective, jazzy mood making the most of the whole piano keyboard and showing off that range of cultural influences once again. This is an astounding collection with so much to feed your senses on so I would urge you to get involved and give Saint Levant some of your precious time - you will be richly rewarded. 

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8th May - Lafayette, London