Michael Hamilton - Again And Again 
(Monotreme Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Believe it or not, the word hypnotic gets bandied around a lot in music PR emails but I can honestly say this latest release from Glasgow's Michael Hamilton has a genuinely hypnotic quality to it. 'Again and Again' gets off to a somewhat subdued start as ominous melodies build up in layers like the start of a spy movie set somewhere cold and unforgiving. A subtle beat joins in and a moody bass drone as those melodic layers build and build, spiraling to a point that brings about the hypnotic sensation referred to previously. This is the kind of tune that you can get completely lost in and that is hugely appealing these days when the real world can seem so harsh. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelHamiltonMusic1 

Listen Here: