Izo Fitzroy - Give Me The High (Jalapeno 

Release Date: Out Now

OK, own up; who has been keeping Izo Fitzroy hidden from me and, well, why? Here we have an absolute powerhouse of a vocalist and musician who, until now, has completely passed me by so I'm here to make sure none of you lot miss out like I have. 'Give Me The High' is infused with Californian sunshine in the rapidly strummed guitars and pitter-patter percussion but it is Fitzory's vocal that ties this all together in a big sunny bow. With a soulful bottom end, disco top and a little Annie Lennox in the middle, Fitzory has a voice that should be heard far and wide so I urge you share the bejesus out of this and enjoy the sound of the summer in the meantime. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/izofitzroymusic

Live Dates: 

APRIL22nd - London, Jazz Cafe MAY16th - Norwich, Arts Centre18th - Manchester, The Blues Kitchen JUNE3rd - Brighton, The Old Market, The Jalapeno Bop

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