Ber - Halfway EP (AWAL) 

Release Date: Out Now

Anglo-American alt-pop star on the rise Ber is gracing us with her new EP, 'Halfway', and preparing to visit her UK based fans with a string of live dates in May - these are both very good things. The EP gets going with perky recent single 'Slutphase' which bounces and spins through the issues of coping mechanisms and how you adapt yourself to fit in to the world the way others want you to - it's like Taylor Swift's intelligent songwriting mixed with the energy of UPSAHL and it is good, good stuff. 'Boys Who Kiss You In Their Car' is the musical sound of disappointment when the mysticism of the opposite sex falls away and you realise they are just hormones in jeans. 

It's a bold move calling a song 'Superspreader' but Ber is a bold kinda lady and the subdued guitar melody lulls you in to a false sense of security that the lyrics do their best to turn on its head. Title track 'Halfway' is a late night confessional song with just guitar and vocals showing that age old truth that a good song is a good song no matter how little instrumentation you include. The energy levels pick up again on previous single 'Your Internet Sucks' which pulls no punches as it goes through the machinations of an honest and, therefore, messy break up. The flip-side of that coin is closing track 'Over You' which uses a mournful piano melody and raw vocal to deal with that feeling of wanting your heart to catch up with your head (or is it vice versa) when you know a relationship is over. There's a maturity and savvy nous to Ber's songwriting that puts her in a different class to a lot of her peers so get out and hear her at a show if you can. 

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May6th                    Glasgow, UK—The Road to the Great Escape8th                    Dublin, IE—The Road to the Great Escape12th                  Brighton, UK—The Great Escape17th                  London, UK—Lower Third27th                  Leeds, UK—Live @ Leeds in the Park

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