Ben Hemming - Holy For A Day 

Release Date: Out Now

Bit of a shocker here as a London based musician has more dates outside of London than within the big smoke but then he has one hell of a voice and sound so it's only right that he shares it around a bit. Ben Hemming has a blues-roots vibe going on and new single 'Holy For A Day' shows off his rattling guitar playing style brilliantly. It's the voice that slays me though, part Gozer Goodspeed and part Eddie Vedder and all power, truth and honesty with every syllable. This is earthy stuff that will sound great in any venue but I'd recommend one with low ceilings that serves good whiskey. 

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Live Dates: 

21st March - West Street Live, Sheffield

24th March - Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Newcastle

25th March - Northern Guitars Cafe Bar, Leeds

1st April - The Gunners, London

4th April - The Howlin' Wolf, Glasgow

7th April - Mr Wolfs, Bristol

9th April - The Golden Lion, Bristol

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