Leila Jane - Wild 

Release Date: Out Now

So this track is in the running to be Ireland's entry in to the Eurovision song-contest with means it's going up against John Lydon's PIL and that, so early in 2023, is one of the weirdest sentence's I'm going to write this year. Leila Jane's 'Wild', however, is neither traditional Eurovision fodder nor is it the music of an aging butter salesman. No, the piano melody overlaid on driving dance beat makes for the kind of upbeat song that can lift you out of the funkiest of funks while the vocals are up there with Jess Glynne or Robyn in the sad-banger leagues. Whether this becomes Ireland's entry, wins the competition or doesn't even get anywhere near the Eurovision finals - 'Wild' is a great song and one that might just lift you out of the January blues if you give it a spin. I recommend that you do. 

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