Iguanas - Forefathers 

Release Date: Out Now

Devon noiseniks Iguanas aren't messing about on debut single 'Forefathers' so make sure you're ready for this before hitting play. Barreling in like a combination of a young Arctic Monkeys and Rage Against the Machine, these guys have an indie-punk spirit but rock chops and a penchant for distortion - all things I am a big fan of. In the grand tradition of British rock bands like Black Sabbath and Reef, Iguanas know how to harness the power of rock'n'roll and when they take full control there is nothing stopping them. I'm sold. I'm in. I'm an Iguanas fan but when I manage to get to a live show I'm fully expecting my internal organs to be rearranged by the power these guys wield. Wow. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084314944482

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