The Chase - Trumpet (This Feeling Recordings) 

Release Date: Out Now

With a video set in a world trumpets are banned, 'Trumpet' is the skanked up new single from London outfit the Chase and it is a lot of fun. With the kind of energy that will have your knees involuntarily jumping up in to mid air and the kind of swagger that screams "lager and lads" you might think this is a fairly one dimensional song but you'd be wrong. Sure, there's a hint of the Fratellis here but also a dose of Reverend & the Makers and Tankus the Henge which makes this more rich and satisfying. Definitely a live favourite in the making and perhaps a festival anthem when summer rolls round again. 

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Live Dates: 

5th May - Colours, London

19th May - Metronome, Nottingham

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