Ellie M - The Arms Of Eve And Everything 
(Ciao Ketchup Recordings)

Release Date: Out Now

Ellie M has been one of my favourite finds of 2022 so I'm delighted to be reviewing her debut EP before the year closes out. 'The Arms Of Eve and Everything' is a four track collection of songs but it is also a line in the sand for Ellie M and this stage of her career. Opening with 'You', we are instantly introduced to Ellie M's low and dusky vocal tones which catch you off guard but the blend of Tracy Chapman and Hozier tones building over a lumbering ballad is definitely a heady brew. 'Feel It All' is up next with a Chris Isaak vibe running throughout the blues and soul infused swagger that slides smoothly aside from the occasional trumpet trill. 

On 'Father Father' there is an edgier side to Ellie M's sound as her vocals crack around the edges and the guitar is both low in tone and in the mix giving a moody vibe to proceedings. Closing out with recent single 'In Your Eyes' we are treated to one of the most beautiful songs of 2022 with a bubbling bass, rippling water guitars and an elemental vocal performance full of soul, release and hope for the future. When I listen to new music I'm always looking for a unique sound and/or great songwriting - Ellie M has both in spades and that's what makes her such a special talent. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/therealelliem

Live Dates: 

6th December - EP Launch @ Paper Dress Vintage, London