VENNA - Sugar Venom EP 

Release Date: Out Now

I love a little attention to detail so my interest was piqued when I noticed that VENNA had titled the tracks of her EP to spell out the word Venom with their first letters. Starting with 'V.', the 'Sugar Venom' EP gets going using an isolated vocal that sounds semi-religious but also playful until a piano and beat combination brings this one in to sharp focus and VENNA's vocal takes control. 'Echo' has a darker, Scandinavian vibe with a pulsing bass line and skittish beat allowing the Robyn-meets-Angie vocal to crawl and soar through a fever dream of regret and loss. 

Former single 'Nirvana' still slinks and sashays through your mind with the guitars and vocals snaking around each other like dancers in Buenos Aires locking eyes and hips the whole time. On 'Only' VENNA takes a coquettish approach to the vocal before a finger click emerges from the shadows and things become more directly sexual with an 80s inspired bass line touching you in all the right places. The EP climaxes with 'Melancholia' which finds VENNA in a mellower mood but the vocal performance is still exceptional and the production, style and sound are superb. As EPs go, this one is not only hard to fault but also incredibly hard to ignore like the eyes of a femme fatale fixed on you from across a busy bar. 

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