That Old Lighthouse - Decade 

Release Date: Out Now

This is an intriguing one from Mancunian trio That Old Lighthouse but before I get on with the review I need to point out the contrary nature of naming yourself after a lighthouse but having your press photo taken in front of a Windmill. No matter, on with the review. 'Decade' is one of those songs that creeps in without a huge fanfare but the gentle guitars, breathlessly delivered vocals and shuffling beat are instantly endearing. Understated and unassuming are not usually words that would sell a tune but in this case they are the right words and are meant entirely positively. Oh, and there's a whole bass solo section which goes on far longer than it should but, well, it works. Like your young teacher busting out some moves at the school disco in a chunky knit jumper, it just works somehow. 

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