Liotta Seoul - Worse (KROD Records) 

Release Date: 25th November 2022

Koblenz alt-rockers Liotta Seoul are one of my favourite finds of 2022 and, as such, I've been looking forward to this, their second album. 'Worse' is a pithy eight track collection that opens with the Nirvana inspired 'Want You' that matches grungey guitars with gravelly vocals and powerhouse drums to get this particular party started. On 'Laugh' the band kick things up a notch with a Dinosaur Pile-Up vibe before 'Won't You Love Me' sets about driving things forwards with intense melodies and a drum sound that is so rich it feels like its coming at you from all directions. 

"If you wanna be a star then you will evaporate" is the screamed opening vocal on 'Star' and is a feature of the kind of chorus that will inspire circle pits with a vibe that is pure Cobain's-illegitimate-European-love-child. The throbbing synth opening of recent single 'Disgusting' soon builds to an intense ode to slovenliness that is strangely endearing but 'Hypernormal' is a moodier and darker vibe that would fit in alongside Muse or Linkin Park more appropriately. 

Penultimate track 'Medical Detectives' is more of a pitch for a bromance comedy (brom-com?) set to Weezer-but-heavier guitars and a sense of urgency that is a little unsettling. We are then left with the near five minute opus that is 'Beauty Salon' which builds from an intense acoustic strum in to a full-on wind tunnel of a rock tune. Liotta Seoul are a lot of fun and make songs to bounce around mindlessly to but when you're done bouncing then give them another listen, there are more layers to this band. 

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