Jamie Lenman - Hospital Tree (Big Scary 

Release Date: Out Now

Taken from his imminently arriving new album, 'Hospital Tree' is a single that I wouldn't normally review given that it has come out a week before said album. However, not only is this a beautiful song but all the proceeds are going to NHS charities so it seems only right to spread the word. Jamie Lenman has tapped in to that very British songwriting seam of weaving a sense of nostalgic sadness in to a tune that is otherwise comforting and festive as he weaves a tale of the hope shining out from a plastic Christmas tree placed on a hospital ward. As Lenman sings; "In the midst of emergencies all around, somebody gave it a tinsel crown and in it's own magical way, the shaggy old tree seems to say; I won't let you down" as strings, a choir and and piano all help the song swell beautifully and if the closing melodies don't put a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye then you've never felt loss. The last few years have been crippling for the NHS and all those that have needed it so maybe we have to look a little harder for the hope but it is there and while there is hope we still have a chance, right? Right. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jamielenman

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