Fort Nowhere - Wicked Game (My Hart Canyon

Release Date: Out Now

Regular readers will know I don't generally bother with cover versions but I had to make an exception for this superb version of the Chris Isaak classic 'Wicked Game'. Isaak's boots are big ones to fill but Fort Nowhere has got big feet (figuratively speaking) and as an experienced sound designer he has created something darkly and magnetically beautiful here. Low, gently rumbling tones approach like a storm in the distance before the voice of a man on the brink of breaking down starts to deliver those familiar lines and a beat drops like a crack of thunder. This is elemental, orchestral, dystopian and luxurious all at the same time and you can hear the influence of Dartmoor, where the artist lives and records, throughout this track. Oh, and if you recognise this version then it will be because you've heard it on the trailer for the remake of Dangerous Liaisons. 

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