Dead Leaf Echo - Boo (Paper Cup Music) 

Release Date: Out Now

Dead Leaf Echo might be operating out of Brooklyn but there's more than a hint of that infamous Manchester sound about their new single 'Boo'. With the loosest of beats, spiraling towers of guitars and melodies that fly out across this city skylines, this track has all the great hallmarks of a Manchester tune (you can almost hear Peter Hook on bass) which makes this a fitting tribute to the late, great Denise Johnson. There's a rich seam of paranoia running through the middle of this as well which keeps the energy high like someone staying up all night on Redbull and coffee - and that always makes things more interesting or at least unpredictable, right? 

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12.14 Olympia WA Cryptatropa 12.15 Portland OR The Fixin To’s 12.16 Seattle WA Sunset Tavern 12.17 Vancouver, BC Bullet Farm