LWM is 10 featuring Gozer Goodspeed & the Neon Gamblers + Maisy Grace + Jamie Yost + Lily Ward @ The Inn on the Shore, Downderry

Show Date: 24th September 2022 

After a decade of writing about new music on this blog, it seemed fitting to mark the milestone with something of a shindig so I arranged with my local pub to put on said shindig with four incredible artists that I've had the pleasure of discovering through LWM. Cakes were made, the lights were dimmed and even the beautiful sunset I ordered arrived bang on queue so the stage was set for a perfect evening. 

Opening proceedings was the demure talent of Cornish singer-songwriter Lily Ward. However, the sound coming from one vocalist and her laptop was something you'd expect to hear pumping out of a club or a stadium rather than a village pub on a Saturday evening. There were hints of Taylor Swift, La Rue and Ellie Goulding to the superbly produced melodies and radio-ready vocals. Ward even survived a four-legged stage invasion and the high notes which, despite writing herself, were still a bitch to reach (her words not mine). 

It was a strong start to follow but the reliably excellent Jamie Yost came next looking like he'd just got back from the skate park to pick up his guitar and play. What followed was a beautifully chilled set of picked guitar notes and soulful vocals that seemed to flow so easily that you could believe we were guests in his lounge while he practiced his art. As the sun set over the Cornish coastline, the mellow melodies eased the crowd in to a sublime Saturday evening vibe. 

Next up was Wadebridge's Maisy Grace who was flying solo thanks to being let down at the last

minute by her bass playing younger brother (a fact she enjoyed sharing with us all). Nevertheless, deft guitar playing and sweetest voice still combined to fill the space with a sound that was an almost religious experience. For one still in her teenage years, Maisy Grace is an artist with a quiet confidence in her music and that confidence is justified so let's all keep an eye and an ear on her, yeah? 

The night was capped off by LWM favourite Gozer Goodspeed but for the first time I was getting see him with his full band, aka the Neon Gamblers. The traditional blues infused rock was given an extra layer of funk by the tight rhythm section which freed Goodspeed to let rip on his guitar with style, passion and raw energy. As well as the usual great set of original compositions, we were treated to couple of extended jams which was a joy to behold (and apparently a joy to perform based on the smiles on the faces of all three musicians). 

In between the music, we ate cupcakes, drank cider and generally had a great time which is all I've ever wanted to be honest so I couldn't have asked for more. Maybe we'll do it all again in ten years but, then again, why wait that long....?

More information: 

Gozer Goodspeed - https://www.facebook.com/gozergoodspeedandtheneongamblers

Maisy Grace - https://www.instagram.com/maisygracemusic/?fbclid=IwAR2cIg4k69Gm3LIQuE-zAHXkdgFOMmQcmHTUvmTquavBPbZhivtRkZbh3Qk 

Jamie Yost - https://www.facebook.com/jamieyostmusic

Lily Ward - https://www.facebook.com/lilyrward

Inn on the Shore - https://www.facebook.com/InnOnTheShore

Megan Turner Photography - https://www.facebook.com/m.e.tphotog