Pylon Poets - Remedy 

Release Date: 12th August 2022

Devon rockers Pylon Poets are steadily climbing the greasy pole of the music world and new single 'Remedy' will help them move a little higher for sure. Chunky, crunching riffs get the party started and there's definitely an old school rock vibe going on here but it is not quite that simple. Once the minute long intro gives way to the meat of the song we get something that feels like early Muse, Silverchair and Redwood with those guitars snarling on the twin leash provided by the drums and bass. This is the kind of song that can't quite be done justice on record but set this one free through a stack of amps and a powerful PA then the true power would be unleashed and that would be something to behold. 

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Live dates:

20th August - VDub at the Pub, Wimborne

27th August - Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham

8th October - Obsidian, Bournemouth w/The Straights

15th October - 45 Live Venue, Kidderminster w/Let There B/DC

11th November - Fulford Arms, York w/Pavilion