Junior Brother - This Is My Body (Strange 

Release Date: Out Now

This is one of those submissions that take a few listens and views to get your head around but it is genuinely worth your time to get to grips with. Junior Brother (aka Ronan Kealy to his mum) is a unique and brilliant singer-songwriter and 'This Is My Body' is a wonderful moment in time reflecting the state of man's body at the point of giving up on caring about physical appearance. Lilting and simple acoustic notes ping and bounce while Kealy's voice rings out with an impish qaulity and the video, well, the video is like the fever dream of someone who has spent too long at home during the pandemic in a 70s inspired semi. There's a lot to take in but it is worth it....so worth it. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/juniorbrother.1

Live Dates:

8th September - Fall Right Into Place, Claregalway Castle, Ireland24th September - Night & Day Festival 2022 @ 7:00pm, Castlerea, Ireland28th October - The Button Factory @ 7:30pm, Dublin, Ireland

Watch the Video: