GIFT - Gumball Garden (Dedstrange) 

Release Date: Out Now

Brooklyn psych-rockers GIFT know how to build a song and then some. New single 'Gumball Garden' is a layer cake of guitars covered in tripped out keyboard icing and sliced up by the kind of drumming that hits you directly in the ribcage. This is the kind of song that you want to lose yourself in and I can just imagine a crowd of blissed out psych fans spinning and cavorting to this as the guitars chug, soar and spiral through your mind. Music to get lost to and lord knows we all need a bit of that in our lives right now. 

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Live Dates: 

10th September - Otis Mountain Get Down 2022, Westport

14th September - Union Stage, Washington

15th September - Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

16th September - White Eagle Hall, Jersey City

17th September - Colony, Woodstock

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