Elodie Orsei - French Toast EP 

Release Date: Out Now

Elodie Orsei is a French-Canadian artist casually setting her debut EP free into the world like someone opening a cage to release a butterfly of exceptional beauty on an unsuspecting population. The opening song, 'Un p'tit cafe', is absolutely dripping in Parisian cool and effortless charm as the piano and lounge guitars slow dance with each other while Orsei sings her smokey, delicious vocal in the spotlight on stage. 'Creme de la Creme' has a Jack Johson vibe to the guitar melody which, when paired with that sweet French language vocal, creates a beautiful Sunday morning vibe that makes you want to hang out and do nothing all day in the warm late summer sunshine. 

On 'You're Delicious' there's a slightly jazzier vibe which works perfectly with Orsei's languid style while 'Baby Puree' comes straight from a Bond soundtrack with a Trip-Hop vibe underpinning the sultry and smoky vocals. The final track, 'Guilty Love' is the fullest sounding song on this collection as a loose beat and sparse bass line let the the guitars meander and the vocals take a more rocky approach. In Elodie Orsei we have an absolutely authentic artist able switch languages, tones and genres which makes her exciting from both an artistic and commercial perspective. One to watch for sure. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/elodieorsei