Tina Boonstra - Martha 

Release Date: Out Now

I am very, very glad that Tina Boonstra has returned with more new music so I'm like a chocoholic at Easter waiting to dive in to this one. New single 'Martha' has a slightly downbeat and subdued vibe to begin with but once the drums and keys join the acoustic strum and Boonstra kicks her vocals up a few gears then you hear the passion come through. There's a real sadness in this song about a life lived and the wisdom that comes with that but there is also hope in a beautiful juxtaposition which only normally exists between lovers, close friends or siblings. The emotion tied up in this song is beautiful in the intricacy with which it is woven so enjoy unravelling it, I know I will. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/tinaboonstra

Live Dates: 

22nd-24th July - Latitude Festival, Southwold

26th-28th August - Between the Trees Festival, Bridgend