Cheerbleederz - Even In Jest (Alcopop! 

Release Date: Out Now

Despite the, frankly, terrifying cover-art, I have been really looking forward to listening to this debut album from London trio Cheerbleederz. 'Even In Jest' gets off to a bold start with 'Break Ur Arm' dripping in fuzzy distortion and a swaggering but demure energy behind the vocals and lo-fi sound. 'Cute As Hell' continues in a similar vein with perky and punky energy that harks back to bands like Bis and the Long Blondes as well as contemporaries Peaness. The intensity of the guitars and bass combo on 'Nail Biters' paired with the sweetness of the vocals is where this album really starts to lift off as a proper indie-pop stormer. 

On 'My Condolences' there's more of a grunge-pop vibe with an itchy, unpredictable energy that transports me back to some dark and glorious 90s venues and some very, very good nights. 'Love/Hurt' bubbles with a more synth based melody that has a lo-fi futuristic tone while 'Out Of Body' sounds more like Charly Bliss meets Lauran Hibberd as the guitars jump in and out like kids with a skipping rope. The trio drop the tempo down on 'Lazy Bones' with softly strummed guitars and a wash of vocal harmonies that are as soothing as a loved one calmly stroking your hair as you lie on their lap. 

There's a Breeders feel to 'Carbon Copy' as the power riffs push the party on to the next level before dropping down again 'Notes App Apologies' which is more introspective and tinged with sadness. The closing track of this collection is 'Pinwheel' which prowls around the bass and high-hat before building to a Berries-esque grunge-pop crescendo. As debut offerings go, this is an incredibly strong album but I have a sneaking suspicion that the jewel in the Cheerbleederz crown is their live shows as these songs are bristling with energy and raw enthusiasm so maybe treat this as a gateway drug before moving on to the hard stuff. 

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Thursday 28th July - Bristol - The ExchangeFriday 29th July - Manchester - The CastleSaturday 30th July - Preston - The Ferret