JollyRoger - Rum Song 

Release Date: Out Now

Westcountry pirate gang JollyRoger are sailing back in to port with their rousing new single 'Rum Song' and it's got me wondering - do other countries have piratically themed bands? Are there Canadian swashbucklers or Austrian seafarers singing songs telling tall tales of times at sea? Probably not but it's a distracting thought. Anyway, back to the music which, in this case, is a frantic punk-folk stomp with a tip of the tri-corner hat to drinking the day away and putting off your chores. Fans of the Levellers, Frank Turner's earlier work and the likes of Black Friday will absolutely adore this and I can already picture crowds of steam punks, pirates, festival goers and revellers dancing the night away to this one. Now, which of the many rum companies out there are up for sponsoring the band or having this one as the soundtrack to their new ad campaign? Form an orderly queue....

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Live Dates: 

1st July - Pirate Night @ BierKeller, Exeter

2nd July - The Stable, Bristol

16th July - Pier, Hastings

30th July - The Hobbit Pub, Southampton

1st September - The Victoria Vaults, York