Apollo Lovely - Apollo Lovely 

Release Date: Out Now

This is the debut LP from Apollo Lovely, the solo project of Kim Ho, and he has brought the sunshine with this glorious nine track collection. Ironically, the starting point is a track called 'Halfway' which has a subtle confidence in the bouncing bass and sprinkled keys that allows Apollo Lovely's vocals to dance easily above the melody. Jaunty and upbeat single 'Next To You' is up next with a real sense of that moment of falling in love at first sight but set to music. 'Let Me Bleed' continues with the same energy as the lo-fi synth melody and bubbling bass line mingle perfectly with the vocals that are pitched somewhere between Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. 

Kim Ho brings the slow dance vibes on 'How Many Days' as the luxurious guitars sprawl out over the nudging piano melodies. The energy lifts up again on 'No Lies' as a perky melody carries the song along before 'Catch Me' brings the funk with a delicious guitar and bass combo. Latest single 'Runaway' is lighter than a summer breeze but full of all the promise of a sunny morning with no plans in the diary while 'Don't Go' shows a more vulnerable side to Kim Ho's songwriting. The album finishes with 'Love You Need', a slow burner of a song that Cee-Lo Green would be proud of when the horns swell at the end. Apollo Lovely has the kind of sound that will work well on commercial radio but he also has the musicianship and songwriting chops that will get him respect from the more critical corners of the music world. A devilish combination. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/apollolovelymusic