Ailbhe Reddy - A Mess 

Release Date: Out Now

There is something hugely endearing about this new release from the talented Ailbhe Reddy and that goes for the music as much as the video. 'A Mess' is a dead eyed and slumped shouldered protest song that has had enough of the expectiations of life set to a rousing indie-rock riff and raw, punchy drums. Reddy's vocal has a vibe that suggests she would fit in with Lauran Hibberd or Yawners on a live bill but just don't rely on her to save your life in a medical situation (watch the video for an explanation of that reference).

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Fri 22nd July | Visions Festival, London, UKSun 24th July | Latitude Festival, Suffolk, UKSat 30th July | All Together Now, Waterford, IE

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