Wooze - Bittersweet Timpani (Young Poet) 

Release Date: Out Now

Ah rejoice dear friends, the wonderful Wooze are back with new single 'Bittersweet Timpani' and it is as wonderfully weird as ever. The snarling and rhythmic guitar immediately gets rid of any thoughts that this is a percussive cover of the Verve when, in fact, this is a Glam meets New Romantic meets the future of music mash up of ideas and styles. The guitars are as crunchy and grinding as ever, the drums flail with wild energy and the vocals are dramatic but powerful in a way that is perfectly balanced. Like I said, rejoice dear friends - Wooze are back. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Woozeband

Live Dates: 

08/07 - Pohoda, Slovakia17/07 - Welcome to the village, Netherlands05/08 - Wilderness Festival, UK

Watch the Video: