Personal Trainer - Rug Busters (Holm Front) 

Release Date: Out Now

Dutch seven piece Personal Trainer are rapidly moving in to favourite new band territory and new single 'Rug Busters' is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that realm. With the swagger of Beck, the deadpan delivery of LCD Soundsystem and some serious dance moves in the video, Personal Trainer set about winning hearts and minds with this track. The bass is squelchy, the melodies infectiously uplifting and the lyrics are delivered in a little more than spoken word which makes them even more accessible. There's something brilliantly inspiring and uplifting about this track which makes me want to put in on a loop and play it loud while I drive around town on a Tuesday afternoon. 

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MAY14 Brighton - Hope & Ruin15 Bristol - Crofters Rights17 London - Moth Club

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