October Drift - Webcam Funerals 

Release Date: 27th May 2022

It feels weird to be reviewing this on the day that Boris Johnson and his gaggle of goons got found at again for breaking their own laws but then again maybe this is exactly the right time to be bringing this song to your attention. The excellent October Drift are about to unleash 'Webcam Funerals' on the world and it is bristling with anger, energy and fight as well as a strong sense of melody. There are Beach Riot vibes in the bitter sweet melody vs vocal juxtaposition of singalong riffs underpinning lines like "I'll never get used to webcam funerals" or "I thought she'd always be mine and now I'm choking on pixel tears". I don't know anyone who hasn't had to say goodbye to someone they love in the last two years through COVID or something else, myself included, and we've all been robbed of an important part of the grieving process. Bravo to October Drift for calling this out so brilliantly. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/octoberdrift