Krush Puppies - Love Kills The Demons EP 
(Holm Front Records)

Release Date: 6th May 2022

Having met in line at a pet shop, Krush Puppies could easily have gone down the line of calling themselves the Pet Shop Girls but thankfully they spent more time on their band name than going with the obvious choice. They also spent some time putting together a brilliant debut EP in the shape of 'Love Kills The Demons' which something we should all be grateful for. Sinister and brooding opener 'Throw Me On The Fire' throbs along atop a thick bassline while some urgent drums and searing guitars join the battle to make sure the message gets driven home. Title track and recent single 'Love Kills The Demons' rattles in with 60s melodies meeting Nirvana energy to create a beautifully nostalgic slice of Sunday afternoon indie-pop. 

On 'Why' there is a slightly dream-like quality to the gentle chug that brings sepia toned images of summers long gone to mind as the soft and soothing vocals drift in and out on the warm breeze like the songs of distant sirens arriving on new shores. The EP finishes with 'Cowboy', a song that embraces the Western aesthetic with a retro joyousness and one of the fuzziest bass sounds I've heard in many a moon. And a flute. As debut EPs go, Krush Puppies have pretty much nailed this experience but even if you take the word debut out of that sentence this is still an incredibly impressive EP. Bravo. More please. 

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