Joe Hicks - One More Step/Make It Home 

Release Date: Out Now

Here's a cheeky little double-A side single for you from the excellent Joe Hicks although I see no evidence of a B-side so maybe this is just an A-side and a B-side by any other name. 'One More Step' is up first and finds the Newbury singer-songwriter in defiant mood with an Ed Sheeran-esque acoustic dance melody and strident beat making for instantly infectious earworm. Hicks' voice has a smooth and radio friendly warmth that makes you want to sing along as you cruise through the traffic or dance around the kitchen. 'Make It Home' is a more folky number with rippling acoustic notes and gentle vocals transporting you to the side of a river somewhere peaceful and soothing. The song swells with a subtle beat and soft bass line but its the real sense of regret and sadnes that gives this one a real sad banger vibe. Joe Hicks such a knack for songwriting and the delivery of a melody that I can't believe we won't be hearing a lot more of him in the near future. 

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