Fantastic Negrito - They Go Low 

Release Date: Out Now

I'm running out of superlatives to describe the outstanding Fantastic Negrito but if he keeps releasing music of this quality, the least I can do is have a go at describing it. 'They Go Low' continues the theme of previous singles in calling out injustices and speaking truth to power set to the soulful and bluesy stylings that our hero is reknowned for. A moody piano riff, thumping drums and gnarly vocals are all stitched together with a snarling guitar riff to make a swampy soup that is beyond delicious. The album 'White Jesus Black Problems' comes out in a few weeks and it is going to be epic so start saving your pocket money now.

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Live Dates: 

26th July - Jazz Cafe, London

27th July - Jazz Care, London

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