De Staat - Who's Gonna Be The GOAT? 

Release Date: Out Now

Dutch outfit De Staat have just dropped their new single which is immediately one of my favourite songs of 2022 and is a strong contender for video of the year too. 'Who's Gonna Be The GOAT?' tackles issues of intimidation from those striving to etch their names in the history books when all you want to do is be happy, have some fun and maybe make a little cheddar. A simple electro melody and funky, cock-sure beat get the party started as the fellas from De Staat ask "Who's gonna be the GOAT? Not me". It's impossible not to get swept up in the confidence and strut of this track which will make you feel ten feet tall even though the main theme is that being five feet nine is just fine. A great tune to get your day started to as long as you're happy with a mantra of 'good enough is good enough'. I know I am. 

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