Mountain Head - Backseat EP 

Release Date: Out Now

Canadian duo Mountain Head always manage to catch me off guard and their new 'Backseat' EP is a great example of that. I'm not really sure what I was expecting but it wasn't six tracks of slick alt-pop underpinned by superb song-writing. The EP opens up with 'Shade' and immediately the semi-industrial beats paired with the wonky electro melodies set the tone which is capped by the breathy vocal which invites you on to the dance floor to get this party started. Title track 'Backseat' picks up the baton with a sound that is somewhere between Bastille and Above & Beyond before 'Let It Out' goes a little more indie-pop in direction as a tight little guitar line goes straight to your hips to make them pop and sway. 

The second half of the EP opens with 'Jest', a song that mixes the cool of Justin Timberlake with the even-cooler of Christine and the Queens. The guitar chug of 'Dedicated' is perfect for some night time cruising and those hushed vocals just add to the 'after-dark' vibes. Closing track 'Tijuana' has a gentle hip-hop sway to it but the track builds in to an afternoon in the bar kind of track that you just want to drift away to. This is the kind of EP you can just leave on a loop and discover new elements of with each listen and that, for me, is the mark of great songwriting. Get involved. 

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